Result is out!

Assalammualaikum and hai everibadi!

Ive didnt updated my blogs since ive entered my college.
Biasalah der dah masuk belajar busy lah. Assignment la apa laaa. Haha
So yeah, harini nak buat coretan sket. Sket je.
Ala pasal result je pon.huhu

Well it was a satisfying result and im so grateful!Alhamdullilah, Thank you Allah, thankyou family, thankyou friends.

Eventhough its not dean list. But im super grateful. And insyaallah for the next semester i will try harder, amin!

And here are the result!

(so inilah hasil utk budak yg last minute study) kahkah

Hahaha sooooo semester one went well. Semester two will begin about 3 weeks more from now. And im seriouslyyyyy not ready to go back................................ok

Im not smart, but i will try to improve. :)
Ive got one A's for upsr and no A's for pmr and spm. 
Not even once ive made my parents proud. 
And Ive promise myself, once i entered college.
I will try harder to make my parents proud!
insyaallah aminnnn!

So ok la tu je bye.